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Zanesville, OH 43701 | 740.454.6800

Welcome to Community Ambulance Service

Zanesville High School Prom Promise

EMS Week 2010
As Friday came, the EMS week festivities for 2010 were coming to a close, but not losing momentum. Crowned with a Public Safety cookout, CAS’ many activities included Ambulances washed and station duties completed by office staff, a Breakfast Day and plenty of food and gifts throughout the week.

The cookout brings together staff from all of the Public Safety entities as well as administrative personnel from all over the county. Today, we were visited by members from Zanesville Fire & Police Departments, the Muskingum County EMA and Sherriff’s Department as well as many public figures from our local community. The cookout provides a great time to all with excellent food, a chance to mingle and for CAS employees, the excellent EMS Week logo gift that CAS is known for. Full-time staff also received a nice gift from Genesis HealthCare system in recognition of their week.

Saturday capped the week with an outstanding 7 County EMS conference put on by Genesis HealthCare System. The conference was appreciated by all in attendance and the focus for this year’s conference was Trauma. Speakers included Dr Stuart Chow, head of Genesis Trauma Service and guests from OSU and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Attendees received 8 hours of continuing education credit for attending. As the festivities drew to a close, EMS providers everywhere were reminded of their value to the communities they serve, and to remember that they are held in high regard throughout the year by our brothers and sisters, and those who require our services.

Joseph Baker Selected as 2010 Star of Life Award Winner
For his undying dedication to EMS and for mentoring EMS students and new employees alike, Joe was selected unanimously be his peers to receive this prestigious award. Joe takes great pride in the care he provides to his patients and is a model example of what we all should strive for in EMS. Joe will travel to Washington D.C. in May to be counted among the best EMS caregivers this country has to offer. Congratulations, Joe!

Community AmbulanceExpands Coverage in Muskingum County
As the ball dropped on a new year, Community Ambulance Service expanded its primary coverage area in Muskingum County to include the residents of Philo, Duncan Falls, and the surrounding townships. “We were approached by the village council to provide 24 hour coverage for the residents of this area. Ensuring prompt, compassionate, and courteous emergency care is what we’re good at; it’s our mission.” Consistent with recent changes elsewhere in the county, response times have dropped sharply to calls placed in the response area and our presence has been welcomed by the public. CAS maintains base quarters on Miller’s lane, just north of the village of Duncan falls. This strategic location offers quick access to state route 60 as well as east-west routes to remote regions of the response area.

First Quarter (2010) CAS CQI Initiative Underway.
The CQI competition has begun. We all like a little healthy competition and in an effort to strive for perfection, this quarter’s CQI focus is EMS documentation. The quarterly CQI competitions are in-line with CAAS requirements for excellence among ambulance service providers, of which CAS is among the best. Improving upon such perfection is a tall order, and finding ways to challenge our crews and gauge their performance is equally challenging, but it helps to keep us at the top of our profession.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting
Community Ambulance Service is now using electronic Patient Care Reporting devices in the field. This state-of-the-art technology allows for:

  • Complete and accurate reporting
  • Improved patient care
  • Improved quality procedures and review
  • Paperless reporting system

For more information on ePCR reporting call 740.454.6800

We Provide:

  • MoICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit)
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • NEV (Non Emergency Vans)
  • Courier Services
  • Community Standby Services


Philosophy and Mission
Electronic Patient Care Report